Darts in the Dark

Janelle Kellman: Founder/CEO of The Center for Sea Rise Solutions

August 02, 2023 Produced by Serotonin Creative Consultancy
Darts in the Dark
Janelle Kellman: Founder/CEO of The Center for Sea Rise Solutions
Show Notes

With summer in full swing, I’ve recently had a trip to the beach to get away from work and soak up some sun. 

Hanging out in the sand and seeing the homes, businesses, and infrastructure on the coastline it really hit home how climate change is affecting not only sea level rise but the lively hoods of millions of people living on and near the coasts.
 Sea level rise and the solutions to mitigate it are not just an environmental threat but a social one as well. 
To dig into the interconnectedness and impact global warming has on our coastlines and the people that live around them I spoke to someone on the forefront of their solutions.
Janelle Kellman is a global leader in climate resilience and has spent the last two decades working on challenges that define the 21st Century, from climate change and energy usage to housing, homelessness, economic development, and equity and inclusion. 

She is an attorney, former mayor of Sausalito California, and Founder / CEO of The Center for Sea Rise Solutions. 

She’s also a badass athlete whose varied background in spots, law, entrepreneurship, and expertise in coastal resilience made her the perfect person to reach out to on this topic.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Janelle Kellman.

Janelle Kellman

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