Darts in the Dark

Duncan Meisel: Executive Director of Clean Creatives

August 22, 2023 Produced by Serotonin Creative Consultancy
Darts in the Dark
Duncan Meisel: Executive Director of Clean Creatives
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Guest: Duncan Meisel
Executive Director, Clean Creatives.
 A big part of running a branding and marketing firm focused on social & environmental impact is evaluating who we work with.
 I get asked a lot about what types of clients and projects we will or will not take on. And, yeah Serotonin Creative Consultancy won’t just work on any job that doesn’t have some true impact component to it.

A few ways we stick to that is through organizations like1% for the planet, B-Corp (which we’re in the process of getting certified) and the Clean Creatives Pledge which we took a while ago because ultimately SUSTAINABILITY IS ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS and the people we do business with, NOT just what we do internally.

As creatives and leaders of agencies, the Clean Creatives pledge says that you will decline contracts specifically with the fossil fuel industry.

Today on the show is Duncan Meisel who is the Executive Director of Clean Creatives which is a campaign to end the advertising and PR industry's work with fossil fuels.

We’re at a watershed moment for climate activism in marketing & advertising.

As communicators continuing to work for fossil fuel companies pose risks to agencies’ reputation, recruitment, and retention.

Sustainable brands need clean agencies in order to grow.  

Named as one of Adweek's Sustainability Leaders, and Campaign's Top 10 Trailblazers for 2022 Duncan is Bringing together leading agencies, creatives, and clients to end their support for the fossil fuel industry's misinformation campaigns. 

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Duncan Meisel.

~Casey Hogue


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